Schwinn 13 Function Wireless Bike Computer

Getting fit on a stationary bike can be quite convenient since it usually comes with attached gadgets to help you keep track of your performance and effort. But the same cannot be usually said when using an actual bike outdoors. It is a goof thing that there are devices such as the Schwinn Wireless Bike Computer to help outdoor fitness buffs.

The Schwinn 13 Function Wireless Bike Computer is a no nonsense gadget that you can attach into your bicycle. It helps keep track of your speed, distance and time traveled while on the bike. It does so without having to use a contact or friction tool to measure distance. The Schwinn Wireless Bike Computer includes time trial, odometer as well as training functions. It is wireless so it eliminates the hassle of having to set up wires into your bike. This handy device is available at Amazon for only US$19.

Image Source: Amazon

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