Scentee makes smartphone notifications smell good



The sense of smell could be the most underappreciated when it comes to entertainment. Remember Smell-O-Vision? I thought so.

But one company wants to make the olfactory sense relevant on your smartphone. The Scentee is a small, round device that plugs into your phone via earphone jack and makes a quick spray of fragrance every time your mobile device receives a notification. Does it smell like strawberries? You probably got a Facebook Like.

The gadget’s LED also lights up upon every notification. Each $5 cartridge contains enough concentrate to emit 100 sprays. Other aroma options include mint, coffee, curry, cinnamon roll, and lavender among others.


Scentee works with both iOS and Android devices. It comes with an app to control when the attachment releases its scent.

Why you need to smell your notifications? Probably because you might not hear the alert the first time it beeps, so you need a separate sense to alert you of that message you’ve been waiting for.

The Scentee is now available in Amazon Japan for ¥3,654 ($36.85). Not sure if it will be available overseas.

Source: Mashable

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