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Gaming and entertainment is no longer the same as it was before. Advanced technology as added other features that may extend such experiences into quite  different levels. While today’s PC and video games now further titillate the senses through the eyes, ears and even touch, the sense of smell has largely been neglected but might just further enhance the experience when utilized. This is what Scent Sciences may be aiming for when it came out with its new ScentScape scent delivery system.

The new Scent Sciences ScentScape may provide an added dimension to entertainment, particularly PC and console gaming, by adding the scent factor into the overall experience. This device can be used to sync up with action, scent-enabled media that will direct the release of background scents related to scenes and environment seen on the game or entertainment media. The ScentEditor is an application that can be used to add scents during the editing process of home videos.

The Scent Sciences ScentScape comes with a cartridge that can provide 20 basic scents. Each scent cartridge can last for up to 200 hours in heavy use and may be controlled according to overall smell strength depending on ones personal preference. It might be a rather interesting addition to any current entertainment experience that’s worth trying. The ScentScape digital scent delivery system is now available at Scent Sciences for US$70.

Image Source: Scent Sciences

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