ScanZ: Skin analyzer and app in one

ScanZ skin analyzer and app

ScanZ skin analyzer and app

Acne can be a burden whether you are a teen or an adult. There are many ways to battle this dreaded skin condition from expensive topical treatments to more expensive spa procedures. One system helps you deal with your zits with the aid of your smartphone.

ScanZ is a smartphone-connected device that comes with an app that answers the burning questions about your skin, such as “When is my acne going away”, “What can I do to make it go away quickly”, and “Will my skin about to break out”.

The ScanZ device is brushed over your face as it scans for acne. Meanwhile, the app asks you questions about your diet choices and what types of cleaning products you use on your skin. Together with the data gathered from the scanning device, the app provides an estimate of when your acne would go away, as well as suggestions on what to do to make the zit go away faster.

ScanZ skin analyzer

The scanning device works by illuminating the skin with different wavelengths of light and processing the data using different imaging techniques to analyze what is on and beneath your skin.

Created by a company called mySkin, ScanZ has an Indiegogo campaign hoping to raise $150,000. Reception has been lukewarm as of this posting, but the campaign has until December 6 to accomplish its funding goal. Interested backers can pledge starting at $199 ($50 off suggested retail price) to have their very own ScanZ set.

Source: Indiegogo

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