SB1 Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones from Jaybird

SB1 Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones

Apart from the cool-sounding name, the "SB1 Sportsband" Bluetooth headphones from Jaybird have a really beautiful minimalist design, at least in our opinion.  It comes as wireless so you can do your Tecktonik in a silent dance party without having your arms get distracted by nasty cords.  Apart from clear stereo sound, the SB1 focuses on heart-pounding bass, ideal for the partying/ gym going/ wanting to disturb public peace while riding the subway kind of people.

The ergonomic design of these bluetooth headphones enables it to conform to the user’s head and ears, whatever shape and contours they may be.  It also has an integrated microphone with noise filtering technology so you can talk through VoIP programs like Skype even while outdoors and includes full music controls for your iPod-listening pleasure that can last for up to eight hours.

The Jaybird SB1 Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones is now available at online affiliates for only US$80.

Image source:  Jaybird

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