Save A Drop Hose Nozzle

Saving water nowadays is a must and no longer just a luxury. Since this precious resource is fast becoming scarce with pollution taking the credit for it, trying to save up in whatever chance you get is the wise thing to do. Avid gardeners may find it easier to save up on water by trying to keep track of their water usage in their garden.

One device that gardeners can find useful when saving water is using the Save A Drop Hose Nozzle. This special nozzle works just like any other water nozzle but with an added feature. This nozzle has a digital readout of the amount of water you have used. This can help gardeners keep track of their water usage as well as prevent over watering their plants by using only the right amount of water for them. It can also help in conserving water as well as lower your water bills along the way. The Save A Drop Hose Nozzle is available at Plow & Hearth for US$25.

Image Source: Plow & Hearth

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