Savant Remote Control

Savant RemoteThe remote control may just be one of the more common and important inventions that most people tend to overlook. Primarily used for televisions as well as toys, remote controls allow people to make certain devices from a distance to function with just a touch of a button. Without the remote control, people may still be standing up and changing television channels from the TV unit itself in an inconvenient manner. But now the convenience is here and the new Savant Remote is here to help you take control of your smart home.

The Savant Remote is a remote control device that can be set up to control almost everything. It supports up to 32,000 devices. It can be used to control your home entertainment system as well as compatible smart lights installed in your home. Aside from pushing buttons, the Savant Remote can also accept voice commands in order to activate the different functions. It may just be the only remote control you need in order to streamline the use of different remote controls into just a single device. The Savant Remote is now available for pre-order. The Savant Remote Control is expected to be available sometime during December. Pricing details have not yet been detailed.

Image Source: Max Borges Agency

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