Sauna Boy USB Humidifier

Using heaters at home or in the office can surely provide some warmth when needed on very cold days. But it is not always convenient since the room heaters can make the air too dry for comfort. In the absence of an actual humidifier, you can make use of this personal option in the form of the unique Sauna Boy USB Humidifier.

The Japanese really have that eye for detail when it comes to personal needs. Coming up with this unique Sauna Boy USB Humidifier certainly can be a welcome option for those who hate dry heated air, especially when in front of a computer. The Sauna Boy is a small personal humidifier that is powered via USB just add water inside and it can humidify the surrounding air comfortable enough while you are using your PC. Quite an ingenious yet simple device, the Sauna Boy USB Humidifier is available for order at the Japanese OTAS site for 1980 Japanese Yen or around US$25, not including shipping.

Image Source: OTAS

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