SatuGo Bouncing Digital Camera

SatuGo Bouncing Camera

Getting bored with your simple, point-and-shoot camera? Why not try a digital camera that bounces just like a ball when you throw it? The SatuGo, short for "See, Aim, Throw, captUre, Go," gives you a more exciting and fun way to take pictures. The SatuGo is probably the coolest looking gadget we’ve seen in ages. It is actually a bouncing ball with an eye, just how a Webcamera would look like. Except that this bouncey little thing can be thrown anywhere around, take snapshots in the air, and would bounce right back as it hits the ground.

The SatuGo bouncing camera is about the size of a tennis ball. It automatically takes 3 megapixel images and can also be used as a Web camera or as a data storage device when connected to a computer. It works more like a toy than an actual camera with its unique way of capturing images. It takes images in two easy ways. Simply throw it and as soon as it hits a surface, it would take a cool picture. The other option would be to set the timer so you can take a photo while the SatuGo is high up in the air.

The built-in timer and flash of the SatuGo can be activated when the device is placed in its holder. The red or black rubber part of the ball can be pressed to the specific interval that you would want the camera to take a picture. This allows you to shoot subjects that are usually not within normal distance. For example, you can set the timer to take an image from a bird’s height or just before it bounces off a surface. You can easily achieve pretty images at varied angles. Now how cool is that?

Probably created for the younger market, the SatuGo gives new ideas for wild teenagers to capture some funny pictures of unguarded moments. You can carry it around and just chuck this ball through anywhere you want to take a cool snapshot of.

The SatuGo is also designed for those clumsy people who always seem to drop their precious gadgets. With the SatuGo just bouncing away upon impact, you don’t have to worry about scratching or breaking your digital camera during untoward accidents. You can use it everywhere, as it is secured with several protective layers making it water resistant and virtually indestructible.

The downside is the SatuGo does not have an LCD screen to view images, as most digital cameras are normally equipped with. You need to connect the SatuGo to your computer using the belt clip, which works as a USB connector, to be able to review the pictures you have captured. Also, the SatuGo is still a concept product and news tell that its developers are presently looking for capital to start its production. But with its cool, bouncey features, you can be sure that there are plenty people interested in the product and wanting to get their hands on a SatuGo.

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