Satmap Active 10

Satmap Active 10 portable handheld GPS device

Global Positioning System devices not only benefit drivers, but also those who love to explore the wild outdoors. Although there are many GPS options now available to keep trekkers on track, the Satmap System’s Active 10 handheld GPS device breathes new air into this technology.

The Active 10 fully integrates digital maps and GPS hardware, wherein users can purchase additional map cards that include detailed imagery of counties, regions, national trails, and national parks. Moreover, this device is packed with additional features such as an integrated patch antenna, Windows CE operating system, ARM 9 processor, integrated media player, 3.5-inch color display, an SD card reader for your digital maps, and a USB 2.0 connectivity all in a impact-resistant, waterproof casing. The Satmap Active 10 also offers a long battery life, an electronic compass, a direction indicator, an on-board route planning, as well as map orientation.

The maps are supplied on SD map cards that are simply plugged straight into the gadget, making it a stand-alone system that would work straight out of the box. Satmap released outdoor maps that cover Great Britain that can be seen at a scale of either 1:25,000 or 1:50,000 scales. These map cards are available in different logical regions, and all you have to do is to buy the map of the area you want to explore.

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