Satechi Smart Desk LED Lamp

Desk lamps are a convenience for people who usually work through the night in their home. They usually need a good desk lamp to provide them with some necessary lighting without having to disturb other family members in the home who might be sleeping. This Satechi Smart Desk LED Lamp will be able to provide that and more.

The Satechi Smart Desk LED Lamp is more than just a regular LED desk lamp. It also comes with multi-functional lighting modes to accommodate different needs for it. It comes with one touch dimmable lighting as well as a 1 hour off timer to prevent the lamp from uselessly stay on when not in need. It also comes with a USB port for charging your USB devices while you use it. The Satechi Smart Desk LED Lamp is available at Satechi for US$100.

Image Source: Satechi

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