Satechi Portable USB Humidifier

Dry air can be a problem in cold weather as well as in the summer. It can cause dry skin, chapped lips and breathing difficulties for some people. For travelers, this can be a perennial problem faced during trips. Having a humidifier handy will usually help solve the problem. One handy solution is this Satechi Portable USB Humidifier.

The Satechi Portable USB Humidifier is a handy solution for dry air. It becomes a portable humidifier to get rid of dry air in any room. The Satechi Portable USB Humidifier attaches to most water bottles. It comes with a filter that extends down to the bottom of the water bottle. When connected to a USB slot of a laptop or charger, the device draws water into the filter and then releases it into the air as vapor. It helps introduce some moisture into the air in order to make it less dry. During the summer, you can also use the Satechi Portable USB Humidifier as a mister. Attach the device into a cold water bottle to release a cool mist into the hot summer air in the room. Users can also use it as an aroma diffuser to add some pleasing smell into the air. Just add some essential oils or liquid fragrances into the water before attaching the Satechi Portable USB Humidifier. It will then release the fragrant mist into the air to create a more relaxing and soothing environment. The Satechi Portable USB Humidifier also provides a dim blue light that makes it act as a suitable nightlight. This portable humidifier is available at Satechi for US$23.

Image Source: Satechi

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