Satechi BT Cortana Button

Satechi BT Cortana ButtonPeople nowadays are all about access, especially into the online world. Whether they are at the beach or driving, some people just want to access information in any way they can. Some will even want access in order to do a variety of functions in a more convenient manner. There are many ways people can now do this easily. The Satechi BT Cortana Button is just one of the new ones.

The Satechi BT Cortana Button is a unique gadget. It is a palm-sized device that lets people get instant access to their Windows phone or computer using Windows’ new online personal assistant, Cortana. Users can then use the Satechi BT Cortana Button in order to schedule meetings, check and send messages, check the weather and many other things through Cortana. And with Windows’ online personal assistant increasingly being integrated into many other home automation systems, users may then be able to use the Satechi BT Cortana Button to turn lights on or off, lock doors, or adjust home heating remotely.

The Satechi BT Cortana Button connects wirelessly to any device using Bluetooth 4.0 with a range of 40 feet. It also comes with a long-life CR2016 battery that can last for up to 2 years. The new Satechi BT Cortana Button is also small enough to place in your pocket, attach to keychains or even place on your car dashboard or steering wheel. The new Satechi BT Cortana Button is set to be available later this month for around $23 at the Satechi website as well as Amazon.

Image Source: Satechi

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