Sanyo Xacti HD800

Sanyo xacti HD800

The Sanyo Xacti HD800 is the newest among the digital sports camera that the company has released. Compact and lightweight, this Sanyo gizmo tries to meet the standards of convenience.

The user can save data on SD/SDHC memory cards. Moreover, it has the capability to take still shots and videos that can be uploaded on your computer or on the internet. It has new features like the 3DDNR or the three-dimensional digital noise reduction as well as the ‘Face Chaser’.

Additionally, it has the capacity to take high-definition videos since it has 1,280 x 720 pixels and an 8.0 megapixel for the stills. The user may not be obliged to change the modes while taking still photos or videos.

It has a preview button for all the shots taken and it can be done even when filming videos. Also, it has a better recording quality courtesy of its AVC/H.264 codec. It costs around $379 and is available on online sites like

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