Sanyo VPC-WH1 Waterproof Digital Camera

Sanyo VPC-WH1 Waterproof Camera

The Sanyo VPC-WH1 is a dual camera that can both capture still images and act as a camcorder. What makes it unique among many of today’s digital camcorder and still camera models is that it is designed for use even on wet environments. Yes, the Sanyo VPC-WH1 digital camera and camcorder is waterproof.

Whether you use it as a digital camera or camcorder, you need not worry of wasting shots even in the midst of rain or thinking twice of taking shots while in the water. This digital camera uses advanced water proofing technology that allows it to function well even when submerged under water for up to three meters. This makes it an ideal digital camera for people with active lifestyles, making it possible for extending the scope of use at even the wettest of settings.

The Sanyo VPC-WH1 Waterproof Digital Camera features a 2 megapixel resolution and 30x optical zoom lens. It has an internal memory of about 43 MB but with an expansion slot for SD and SDHC memory cards to add up to 32 GB worth of storage memory.

The two megapixel resolution and its 43MB internal memory can be a deterring factor for such a recent digital camera offering, with other models today offering such features at more than twice the capabilities. This might work against the HDTV capabilities that the said camera touts as one of its features. But considering the waterproof feature can more than make up for some of its limitations, depending on what the users look for in their digital cameras.

Image Source: Sanyo

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