Sanyo Eneloop Stick Booster

Having a handy power source around whenever your mobile devices run out of battery power can be pretty useful. It would even be better if you can have one that you can place on your pocket or bag easily for added convenience. Sanyo has just come up with a simple solution for such needs under its eneloop brand.

Sanyo has the new eneloop stick booster which can provide a handy power source for mobile devices during emergencies. The concept behind this unique product is quite simple enough. It is a stick type charger with a lightweight aluminum body and can accommodate two eneloop AA rechargeable batteries. It is equipped with a USB output port that allows it to charge a wide range of mobile devices such as mobile phones, portable game units as well as portable audio devices.

The eneloop stick booster has a diameter of only 2 centimeters and weights only 76 grams, including the batteries. Its size and shape makes it quite handy enough to bring around. And since it is under the Sanyo eneloop brand, they are quite eco-friendly with a high level of reusability. It is currently just available in Japan and can be seen at the Sanyo eneloop Japan site. There is no information yet on how much it costs or when it will be available worldwide.

Image Source: Sanyo eneloop

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