Sanyo Eneloop Solar Light

Sanyo Eneloop Solar Light

Green gadgets have become quite popular nowadays. Devices that make use of renewable energy like solar power has become quite in demand items for people who wish to save planet Earth from further destruction caused by human neglect and abuse. It is good that companies like Sanyo offers such devices like the Eneloop Solar Light in this growing market segment.

The Sanyo Eneloop Solar Light is an interesting and unique gadget to have at home. It makes use of solar energy to power up either its LED panel lights during emergencies or as a handy flashlight beam. Aside from that, the Eneloop Solar Light also features USB ports to allow users to charge up phone and other portable gadgets when needed using renewable solar energy form the sun. Now how cool is that? It is available for around US$267if you are interested.

Image Source: Eneloop


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