Sanyo Eneloop Portable Solar Panel

Sanyo Eneloop Portable Solar Panel

Renewable energy has become a common byword among people who really wish to do something to save the earth. Technology has made it possible for harnessing the power coming from various renewable energy sources such as the sun even more efficiently. And because of that, more and more of such devices are being introduced into the market for the environment conscious consumer to choose from. The new Sanyo Eneloop Portable Solar panel is one such device.

The Sanyo Portable Solar panel is a handy and ready to use solar power generator. It can be used to power up USB-charged portable electronic devices like mp3 players, mobile phones, hand held games and other USB devices. It is easy to carry and only requires sunlight to generate electricity. It comes with an Eneloop Mobile Booster where the solar power that the Portable Solar panel produces can be stored on its lithium ion rechargeable batteries. USB devices can easily be connected to the mobile booster for some power.

Putting the single Eneloop Portable Solar panel under the sun for an hour at fair weather conditions can be enough to generate solar power to provide 20 minutes continuous talk time on mobile phones. It is quite a handy device to have for emergency power or to charge your USB devices during the day. So far, there is no word yet on how much the Sanyo Eneloop Portable Solar panel will cost on the market. But it is slated to be launched initially in Japan at any week now. Environmentally conscious consumers from other countries may have to wait a little while longer to get their hands on it.

Image Source: Sanyo

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