Sanyo Eneloop Kairo Portable Hand Warmer

Sanyo eneloop Kairo Hand Warmer

The Sanyo Kairo portable hand warmer might just be what you need to survive through the unusually cold winter or spring. The Sanyo Kairo is a palm-sized rechargeable hand warmer that also acts as a battery charger. This small but quite useful device can provide you with some warmth that you need in a more convenient manner.

The Sanyo Kairo comes with 2 AA eneloop rechargeable batteries that can also be used for other devices. The aluminum body of the Sanyo Kairo heats up on top and at the bottom sides to provide you with some warmth when you need it. It is micro-computerized for the user’s safety and for some extra control. It can be set from Low, High or Turbo to provide from one to three hours of continuous warmth ranging from 102 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. It is available at the Sanyo Store for US$45.

Image Source: Sanyo

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