Sanyo Eneloop Bike

Sanyo eneloop Bike

The Sanyo eneloop brand has gone a long way than just providing better choices when it comes to rechargeable batteries. There are now other products being developed that carry the eneloop brand. Who would ever guess that a bike would be one of them?

Surprisingly, Sanyo eneloop has developed its own environment friendly bike for people who care about the environment and technology working together in harmony. The Sanyo eneloop electric hybrid bike is essentially a regular looking bike that runs on both human power as well as electrical power. It features Loop Charge technology that allows the bike to regenerate and circulate energy more efficiently as its motion charges the bike’s batteries.

The eneloop bike allows users to make use of the bike’s electric motors for some added power especially when going uphill or on rugged terrain. The bike itself adjusts automatically to the different riding conditions to use energy more efficiently and extend the riding distance for up to 1.8 times longer. It may be a good alternative for riding around during short trips to the city or the back roads instead of using a car. But this technology may come at a price- the Sanyo eneloop bike costs US$2,500 to own. But if you are still interested in owning one, it is available at the Sanyo Store for you to check out.

Image Source: Sanyo

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