Sanwa TAP-TST13 Smart Plug

Electricity consumption has become a concern among many households. Saving up on electricity costs takes on a more important part of every household decision. It also helps if the homeowner has the means to determine what appliances may be considered as energy efficient or those that are power hogs. The Sanwa TAP-TST13Smart Plug may be a good device that will help monitor power consumption, one device at a time.

The Sanwa TAP-TST13Smart Plug is a unique power plug where users can plug in their appliances. It measures the power consumption of the appliance that is plugged into it. It then comes with an accompanying mobile app that lets a user know the amount of power that a certain appliance is either using or even wasting. Just connect the appliance into the smart plug as well as the smartphone with its accompanying cable. The smartphone is then able to measure not only power consumption but also other data associated with the device such as voltage, current, power factor, power supply frequency, cumulative electricity cost and the amount of emitted carbon dioxide in real time. The Sanwa TAP-TST13Smart Plug is expected to be available any time now in the Japanese market at an expected price of 24,800 Japanese Yen. That is around US$266.

Image Source: TechOn

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