Sanho HyperDrive iPad HDD

The Apple iPad has become one of the coolest gadgets today. More and more people seem to get into the allure of the iPad which basically has started the tablet revolution. And in no time, many devices are being developed to accompany this popular tablet PC in the market. One of the recent ones to come out is the Sanho HyperDrive Portable iPad HDD.

The Sanho HyperDrive iPad HDD is considered to be the only portable hard drive yet developed specially for use with the Apple iPad. The portable hard drive can be connected directly to the iPad using the Apple Camera Connection Kit. This enables iPad users to browse as well as transfer video and photo content to and from the HyperDrive HDD while using the iPad. The Sanho HyperDrive also comes with a mini USB port that allows users to connect it to a computer as a normal USB hard drive. The Sanho HyperDrive iPad HDD is available at the Hypershop for US$400 for the 1TB model.

Image Source: Hypershop

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