SanDisk to Release 32GB SDHC Cards

san disk ultra 2

There has been a stalemate in SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards lately.  The race started with 1GB, the 2GB, 4GB .. 16GB.  Now in true exponential growth, 32GB SD cards were made by Toshiba and started selling this month.

Joining Toshiba  in April will be SanDisk, one of the more popular brands of SD makers.  They too have matched the 32GB record Toshiba has set back in November.

However, these SDHC cards do come at a hefty price tag.  The 16GB’s have been selling for about $350 but that price is about to go down drastically since SanDisk has announced that their 32GB will cost the same.  So hold out for April, these gadgets devaluate quite quickly.

[via Engadget

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