SanDisk 4GB MicroSDHC Flash Card

SanDisk 4GB

SanDisk has joined the huge memory storage allocation race by coming up with their own version of the 4GB memory card. Their newest format is the microSD High Capacity or "microSDHC". It is a flash card which includes the brand new "MicroMate SD/SDHC compatible, high-speed USB 2.0 card reader.

This new card reader ensures that you have a smooth transition from microSD format to the revolutionary microSDHC format. The kit that SanDisk includes with this particular memory card also includes a full-sized SD adapter so that it can fit into devices with an SD slot.

You get the optimal speed and performance for those devices which accept microSDHC. You also get a large storage capacity of 4GB which is by far, the industry standard for devices such as these. One of the great things about this particular memory card is that your microSDHC is backed by a 5 year limited warranty.

This is a must if you’ve always wanted to keep your microSD cards while wanting to try out future technology. Once you try this format, you’ll understand what all the buzz is about.

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