Samsung's TL320 Goes Retro

Samsung TL320

Samsung has been getting a bit adventurous with their recent product releases. It is actually a welcome change in some ways. An example would be the Samsung TL320 digital camera.

At first glance, the may look like any other digital cameras around. But it actually has something not quite seen in most of the newer releases around. The Samsung TL320 digital camera is the first digital camera to make use of an AMOLED display screen. This allows the digital camera to feature better contrast ratios and yet consume lesser power.

Aside from that, it has a 12 mega pixel resolution and armed with a 24mm ultra wide angle Schneider lens. It is also capable of recording video in high definition at a resolution of 720p. Automatic controls make this digital camera easy to use and yet have many advanced features to make it quite a unique gadget for a point and shoot camera.

Image Source: Amazon

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