Samsung's Galaxy Tab Campaign Hits the iPad Right at the Heart

Samsung begins its campaign of their Galaxy Tab with a direct assault on the iPad. Its commercial features what Samsung’s latest tablet computer can do in a style that would be mistaken for an Apple marketing material. It shows how the Galaxy Tab can be carried by one hand, its augmented reality and navigation services, its full Web browsing, the slide typing action, and its communication capabilities. Basically everything the iPad would have had to make it an awesome device. Check out the video to give you an idea.

Although pricing and availability in the United States remains a mystery, consumers from across the pond (read: United Kingdom) can order their very own Galaxy Tabs with 16GB capacity at importer site Expansys for about £679.99 (about US$1,050) and wait for only 39 days before it lands on their doorsteps.

The Galaxy Tab for the rest of Europe, meanwhile, is said to cost anywhere between €699 ($890) and €799 (1,020), depending on the country.

Source: CrunchGear and Engadget

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