Samsung YP-R1 Yepp Portable Media Player

Samsung YP-R1 Mp3 Player

The Samsung YP-R1 Yepp portable media player is the newest release for Samsung in the field where iPod’s reign supreme. And yet Samsung tries to even out the playing field by adding some innovative and interesting features into their new media player. This will surely make the Samsung R1 capture its own niche of consumers, usually those who are of the creative kind.


The Samsung YP-R1 player is quite slim, measuring only about 8.9 mm thick and weigh quite alight 50 grams. And yet this player is considered as the first DivX certified mp3 player that also comes equipped with a 2.6 inch touch screen interface. It features the TouchWiz user interface that has proven to be popular in Samsung’s full touch screen mobile phones. Easy navigation makes this portable media player quite convenient to use.


But the Samsung R1 mp3 player is not merely limited to that. It also features a "Beat DJ" mode that allows users to create their own brand of personalized music by adding sound effects as well as their own voices to their favorite songs. The Samsung R1 will be made available in 8GB and 16GB versions. Retail pricing is still to follow.


Image Source: Samsung


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