Samsung YP P3 MP3 Player

Samsung P3 MP3 Player

With lots of mp3 players now available out there, getting attention seems to have become quite competitive in the market. Mp3 players that offer unique features seem to stand out among the others and it is one of the best ways to capture a certain segment of the market. Such is the reason why mp3 players like the Samsung YP P3 still gets some attention.

The Samsung YP P3 mp3 player, aside from its sleek and slim design, also has features that some gadget lovers may appreciate. It has a 3-inch touch screen display with haptic feedback that Samsung has been known for. Other features include DNSe sound enhancement, audio and video playback, FM radio and voice recording. Its more unique features include Bluetooth capabilities, stereo audio streaming and support for DIVX video files which can make video downloads faster and more convenient to view on the player. The Samsung P3 is available from its 4GB to 32 GB versions and priced from US$150 to $200.

Image Source: Samsung

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