Samsung Working on Digital Watch?

Reuters reports that Samsung is developing a wearable digital gadget, like a wristwatch. Sounds familiar?

As smartphone sales continue to slow down, companies have been gearing up in creating new devices. Apple is reportedly working on its own “iWatch” that supposedly works like an iPhone, while Google will be rolling out its augmented-reality Glass in the coming months.

Citing sources with “direct knowledge of the matter,” Samsung is developing a wearable device that performs many tasks a smartphone can do. The source declines to elaborate on such tasks.

The news may sound like a knee-jerk reaction to the possibility of the iWatch, but Samsung Design America reportedly collaborated with Johan Loekito in 2009 and came up with a LED wristwatch concept called “Proxima” (pictured). This concept, however, is supposed to work with your smartphone as it vibrates when you are far from your phone.

While Samsung has not commented on the report, its spokesperson says that they “are constantly exploring new technologies and developing various form factors.”

Source: Reuters

Image source: Johan Loekito

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