Samsung WB550 Digital Camera

Samsung WB550 Digital Camera

The Samsung WB550 digital camera is the new release from the Korean electronics firm. It is a compact digital camera with pretty interesting features. For one, the WB550 is a compact camera featuring an impressive 12-mega pixel lens.

And for a compact digital camera, the WB550 really offers full feature capabilities. Aside from the 24mm ultra-wide angle Schneider lens with 10x zoom capabilities, the WB550 also offers high definition video recording at 720p resolution. The Samsung W550 digital camera also offers HDMI connectivity, allowing the device to be directly connected to an HDTV to enjoy better high definition output to photos and video taken by the camera.

This new digital camera from Samsung certainly ups the ante in the compact digital camera market. Soon more and more camera manufacturers would be following suit. Just made available this February, the camera still has a pending release date to the consumer public. For the meantime, interested ones may have a glimpse of it being showcased at the PMA09 Digital Imaging Conference at Las Vegas, Nevada this March.

Image Source: Samsung

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