Samsung WB5000 Superzoom Camera

Samsung WB5000 digital camera with 24x optical zoom

Samsung has launched a line of digital cameras that will become available during the fourth quarter of 2009.  One of which is the 12.5-megapixel Samsung WB5000.  This digital camera has a 26-millimeter 24x optical zoom lens that can capture almost everything it can focus on, all of which can be in RAW image format.  It can also record your moments on high-definition video with full manual exposure control. 

The people at CNET Asia were able to get a quick hands-on review during the WB5000’s launch in Singapore.  They find the DSLR-like grip comfortable to hold and the scroll wheel at the back enables users to make quick settings adjustments. 

According to a Samsung representative, the WB5000 will be available in the fourth quarter of 2009.  Pricing will be confirmed days before the release.

Image source:  CNET Asia

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