Samsung Vibrant Comes Cheap and We Mean 1-Cent Cheap

The Big 3 carriers are offering a new batch of Samsung smartphones with one device cheaper than the other. While Sprint offers Samsung Epic 4G at US$249.99 and AT&T is selling Captivate (aka Samsung Galaxy S) for $199.99, T-Mobile is dishing out its own Galaxy S (which they named Vibrant) with a two-year contract for a one-day-only promo price of $99. This is only available today and online.

That is a sweet deal, considering that the Android-powered phone contains a 1GHz processor, 5-megapixel camera, a stunning 4-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen, and even preloaded with the Avatar movie, The Sims 3, and Kindle for Android.

But what’s this? Amazon is reported offering the same T-Mobile Vibrant for dirt-cheap $0.01 and they are dead serious about it. The purchase also comes with a two-year T-Mobile contract and even a $5 Amazon MP3 Credit.

Source: Engadget

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