Samsung Unveils New E-Book Reader

Samsung SNE-50K E-Book Reader, formerly known as Samsung Papyrus

In an attempt to enter in a brand new e-book reader market, Samsung Electronics rolled out its very own small-screen reader.  The SNE-50K e-book reader will initially sell in South Korea, featuring downloadable content provided by the online store of Kyobo bookstore chain, which is one of the largest in Korea.

Measuring just nine millimeters thick and weighing only 6.5 ounces, the Samsung SNE-50K e-book reader has 512MB of memory storage, more than that of Sony’s similarly-prized reader but less than that of’s Kindle that sells at a higher price.  It also features a five-inch touch screen that allows users to write and store memos, much like what people do to a real book.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s e-book partner, Kyobo Bookstore, offers downloadable versions of about 2,500 books that are mainly South Korean titles.  And unlike WiFi-capable Kindle, users can download content for their SNE-50K to a PC before putting it into the device.  Files are displayed in PDF format.

The Samsung SNE-50K will be available at an equivalent of $270.  Samsung is still working on other versions of an e-book reader that they will sell in other countries.

Image:  Samsung Electronics

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