Samsung Tocco Smart Phone

Samsung Tocco

The Samsung Tocco smart phone is a recent release from the Korean phone maker that aims to compete with all the other smart phones out there. From the looks of it, the Samsung Tocco has features that most other smart phones in the market today have considered the standard.

One of its features that may now be found in most smart phones today is a full touch screen display. It is a large 2.8" inch QVGA LCD display that offers touch navigation but boosted with Haptic technology to provide a better tactile feedback for users. Its overall slim design also makes it quite up to par with today’s smart phones. It is small enough to fit easily into pockets despite being a smart phone. It also sports a 5 mega pixel camera, HSDPA Internet connectivity and other now standard features such as mp3 player, Fm radio, mobile office applications, and a microSD slot.

Image Source: Samsung

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