Samsung Tocco SGH-F480 Touchscreen Phone

Samsung Tocco

"Tocco" is an Italian word that means "touch". You are right; Tocco SGH-F480 is Samsung’s newest touchscreen phone. Although this latest device is no iPhone killer, it has at least two features that is better than Apple’s iconic deice – a 5 MP stills camera capable of video recording and haptic technology. With dimensions of 98.4 x 55 x 11.6 mm and weight of 106 g, Samsung Tocco is also sleeker and lighter compared to the iPhone. The card-like size cell phone is portable enough to slip into your pockets

The haptic technology offers you tangible feedback when making a selection on the touch screen. Spec-wise, Tocco is packed with a lot of features such as tri-band support (900/1800/1900), together with 3G (HSDPA), GPRS, and EDGE for data. It has a ‘capacitative" touchscreen, which means that it is really intended to be more finger than stylus friendly. The large 2.8-in QVGA LCD displays 262,000 colors. With Bluetooth 2.0, you can connect wirelessly with greater speed to peripherals such as A2DP headsets.

USB 2.0 High Speed allows for a faster fast data connections and transfers to mobile accessories. You can also enjoy excellent sound with Tocco’s audio technology provided by Bang & Olufsen ICEpower. It comes with an embedded music player that can play all music form and includes an FM radio with RDS. Tocco also gives you a complete Internet experience with browser support and a connection speed that can go as fast as 7.2Mbps.

Image source: Samsung

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