Samsung TangoView Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic vacuums have become more popular since they can clean floor areas by themselves without any help. A convenient appliance indeed to have at home for doing those regular floor cleaning chores. And Samsung has just upped the ante by adding a camera on it on the recently released TangoView Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

The Samsung TangoView VC-RL87W Robot Vacuum Cleaner now features a built-in video camera. Not only does it clean those floors, the robot vacuum can also double as a home monitoring device that allows home owners to view what is going on in rooms that the robot vacuum is currently cleaning. Video feed can be viewed from a PC, a smartphone or a tablet. This mode is only activated when the cleaning mode is off. The TangoView robotic vacuum also comes with a built-in mic that allows users not only to see but also to hear what is going on. The Samsung TangoView Robot Vacuum Cleaner is expected to be available in Korea at any time now. It is expected to cost around 799,000 Korean Won or around US$707.

Image Source: Samsung Korea

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