Samsung ST80 Digital Camera With WiFi

Point-and-shoot digital cameras are increasingly becoming more sophisticated. Despite this, most manufacturers still try to make them easy to use even while some advanced features are being added. Such is the case for the new Samsung ST80 Digital Camera that now comes with WiFi connectivity.

The new Samsung ST80 digital camera is a point-and-shoot camera that features a 14.2 MP 3x optical zoom lens. It has the ability to capture still images as well as video in 720p HD using the H.264 format. It also has a 3 inch touch screen display and smart controls that make its use quite simple and easy. What makes the Samsung ST80 digital camera quite interesting is that it supports WiFi connectivity that allows users to conveniently share and upload its digital contents online through any available wireless Internet connection via the digital camera alone. The Samsung ST80 Digital Camera with WiFi is set to be available in the market any time soon. It is expected to cost around US$250.

Image Source: Samsung

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