Samsung developing a smartphone with wraparound display?

Samsung to develop a smartphone with wraparound display

Samsung to develop a smartphone with wraparound display?

Rumors in the tech world have been swirling that Samsung is developing a smartphone that comes with a wraparound display consisting of three separate screens. This unique display design would enable the device to show three independent contents so users would “read messages or monitor stocks while looking from an angle,” according to a report from Bloomberg.

Citing its two sources who are familiar about the matter, Bloomberg adds that the phone would feature an upgraded version of Samsung’s Youm flexible display, as seen on its newly-released Galaxy Round curved smartphone. There is also a chance this wraparound display feature will be seen in future Galaxy S or Galaxy Note handsets.

The so-called smartphone with wraparound display will include two narrow screens along the long edges of the handset, which are likely useful if the device is placed flat on a desk or in any other given moment.

Bloomberg’s sources did not mention about any specific launch dates, although it will “more likely” to appear during the second half of next year. It also remains unclear whether Samsung’s wraparound phone will be available exclusively in South Korea or it will roll out to other markets.

Source: DigitalTrends

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