Samsung SENS Series 9 Super-Light Notebook

Not only are notebooks and laptops getting more advanced, they also seem to get lighter, thinner and smaller. This makes them even more convenient to bring along just about anywhere, the primary reason why such computing devices were developed in the first place. Nothing can get even more convenient when it comes to mobility with a notebook like the new Samsung SENS Series 9.

The Samsung SENS Series 9 Notebook is a super light notebook that was just recently unveiled in Korea. This super light notebook weighs only 1.31 kilograms and sports a super slim body that is only 16.3 mm thick. The body is made from Duralumin, an advanced material, durable and light, that is more known more for aircraft construction.

The Samsung SENS Series 9 Notebook is powered by an Intel Core i5 2537M CPU. It also comes with a 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Intel HD Graphics, 13.3 inch display, WiFi and Bluetooth 3 connectivity. What also makes it interesting is that this notebook can boot in just 15 seconds, thanks to its Samsung “Fast Start” Technology. The Samsung SENS Series 9 is expected to be released in the US sometime in March. It is expected to cost around 2.4 million Won or around US$2,200.

Image Source: Samsung

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