Samsung SENS RF712 3D Laptop

The 3D rage is still going strong and may not be cooling off any time soon. There are now a lot of devices that feature 3D technology as its main selling point. This has even spilled to various laptops and notebooks that now feature 3D technology. One of the recent ones to come out is the new Samsung SENS RF712 3D notebook.

The new Samsung SENS RF712 offers users to view 3D images and movies right from the notebook using special 3D glasses. Of course, the specs it comes with makes it quite capable of doing so. The Samsung SENS RF712 3D notebook feature an Intel Quad Core CPU ans comes with a AMD HD6650M GPU along with 2GB VRAM. It features a 17.3 inch Super Bright LCD display that can provide up to 400 nit of brightness, even in 3D. It also comes with a750GB hard drive along with a Blu-Ray player and USB 3.0 support. The Samsung SENS RF712 3D Notebook is expected to be available in Korea in the first week of May. It may cost around 2.6 million Korean Won or around USD2,400.

Image Source: Samsung

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