Samsung QX410 Notebook

The notebook market has become quite competitive recently with any competitors trying to get as much market share as they can. Now, aside from great features, notebooks need to get in better design into the mix if they wish people to notice. And if the price also becomes a factor, then it is a win win situation, just like what the new Samsung QX410 Notebook may be up with.

The Samsung QX410 Notebook is a combination of both good features and design. It is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor and features a NVIDIA GeForce 310M Optimus GPU, 4GB DDR3 RAM, a 640 GB Hard Drive, a 14-inch display and a 7-hour battery life. Other features include support for WiFi, WIM AX and WiDi connectivity. But what makes it even more attractive is the striking aluminum exterior that houses all these features into a sleek notebook.

The Samsung QX410 may also be quite interesting in that it is only a little more than an inch thick and light at a little over 5 pounds using a standard battery. But what might effectively get one’s attention is that it is priced only around under US$800. You can check it out further at the Samsung website.

Image Source: Samsung

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