Samsung P410M Pocket Projector

Samsung P410M Pocket Projector

You may have heard of handheld projectors, but these devices-although convenient-are not ideal in a corporate setting.  Imagine having to hold that projector all the time during a presentation.  Not good.

If you want to have a professional projector without the heavy burden of carrying that much weight around, the Samsung P410M Pocket Projector could be the one you need all along.  Its ultra compact size, which can be carried by one hand (although not small enough to fit in your pocket), enables premium projected images to be viewed anywhere.  The projector has up to 30,000 hours of LED lamp life, eliminating expensive lamp replacements.  Users are also assured that its Digital Light Processing technology minimizes loss of brightness that usually happens in projected images.

This pocket projector also has a Vertical Keystone corrector that maintains the original 4:3 screen ration, correcting up to 15% distortion even in small spaces.  The Samsung P410M Pocket Projector also has built-in stereo speakers, tilt function, and a remote control.

The Samsung P410 Pocket Projector will be available in retail outlets beginning September 2009, costing US$699.

Image source:  Samsung

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