Samsung NX300M smart camera, powered by Tizen

Samsung NX300M smart camera

Samsung NX300M smart camera

Samsung has been teasing about its departure from Android in favor of is new mobile OS Tizen, and recently the South Korean company unveiled its first Tizen-powered gadget.

The Samsung NX300M smart camera was formally introduced during the Tizen Developer Summit held in Seoul. The new mobile OS enables the device to improve boot time by two times and enhance camera performance, in comparison to other Linux-based cameras.

Samsung NX300M smart camera

The company also hinted of Tizen-powered smartphones that are expected to roll out into the market by the first quarter of 2014. These devices will run on Tizen 2.2.1, while Tizen 3.0 is planned to be unveiled in third quarter and will provide multi-user support, 64-bit architecture, 3D UI framework, and smaller footprint.

The Samsung NX300M has already been on sale in Korea for over a month. It sports a 20.3-megapixel sensor and has all along been running on open-sourced Tizen software, a breakaway from Samsung’s dependence to Android for its cameras. The company also quietly released Tizen-powered developer tablets, also porting the OS to the Galaxy S4 to see what it can do without Android’s help.

Source: Sammy Hub

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