Samsung NX1100 Smart Camera

Digital cameras nowadays are no longer just about taking the best images or videos. In a market where cameras now has to compete with smartphones in terms of popular usage, new models have to come with added features that people would appreciate more once they use the device. One such camera is the new Samsung NX1100 Smart Camera.

Samsung has recently released the new NX1100 Smart Camera to fill the need for digital cameras that are becoming more and more “connected”. The Samsung NX1100 Smart Camera not only is designed to capture SLR quality images but also features that allow users to instantly share or edit them right from the camera. The new smart camera features a 20MP sensor. It also uses the NX system which offers the ability to use a wide range of lenses. But more than that, the Samsung NX1100 Smart Camera also comes with Smart Auto 2.0 which makes it easier for novice photographers to take full advantage of the camera’s features and capture images and videos like an expert.

But what makes the Samsung NX1100 Smart Camera interesting to use is that it allows users to instantly share photos and videos wirelessly with its built-in WiFi and AutoShare features. Users can connect the camera via WiFi to a mobile device or social media sites using a dedicated Smart Link Hot Key. The Samsung Smart Camera app, available for both Android and iOS devices make it easy to share photos and videos from the camera by creating a secure wireless connection. The AutoShare feature gives users the option to automatically send every captured photo or video to any device. The new camera is now also bundled with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 that allows users to manage, enhance and showcase their captured images. The new Samsung NX1100 Smart Camera is now available at authorized Samsung retailers for US$600.

Image Source: Samsung

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