Samsung NX11 Digital Camera

Digital cameras nowadays focus not only on getting that perfect shot but also on making things a bit easier for the photographer. Digital cameras like the new Samsung NX11 are designed to provide easy functions as well as better performance to help users capture those perfect images. These features are combined to give photographers more convenience as well as freedom to get the shot they require.

The Samsung NX11is the latest addition to the NX Series of cameras. Not only does it come with inter-changeable lens, the Samsung NX11 also features other functions that makes its use quite convenient. The NX11 Digital Camera features the i-Function system for the lens at a touch of a button. The camera’s i-Function lens can be controlled by using the i-Function button as well as the ring on the lens to control camera settings quicker and without taking the camera off its target.

The Samsung NX11 also has Smart Auto features, shooting modes, smart filters and others make shooting more convenient for the photographer. It is also capable of shooting and recording video in 720p HD quality. Its larger APS-C sensor allows for better quality videos and images. The new Samsung NX11 Digital Camera has just been recently introduced but may not be available yet on the market. Samsung has not yet stated how much it will cost.

Image Source: Samsung

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