Samsung NV100HD Digital Camera

Samsung NV100HD

The Samsung NV 100HD is a newly introduced digital camera by Samsung that is said to sport the highest resolution in its class of digital cameras in the market. The NV100HD is a 14.7 mega pixel digital camera that is fitted with a Schneider lens with 28mm wide angle focal length and a 3.6x optical zoom feature. The Samsung NV100Hd is considered as a high performance digital camera that provides users with clear and more detailed images with every shot.

As part of its unique features, the Samsung NV100HD digital camera is also equipped with a 3.0 hVGA Touch Screen using Smart Touch 2.0 technology. Although considered as a point and shoot camera, it seems to be the most highly advanced of its kind. This camera is also able to capture HD video at 720p resolution. Its Dual Image Stabilization feature allows it to get sharper images. This high performance camera is eyed for an October launch with its initial retail price to be released then.

Image Source: Samsung

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