Samsung NC10 Netbook

Samsung NC10 Netbook

Netbooks have become quite popular computing devices that people have been bringing along with them. Lightweight and with ideal features that frequent online users need, netbooks may just have replaced the heavier laptops that most people usually bring along with them. And in one such case, the Samsung NC10 Netbook may provide a good example.

The Samsung NC10 netbook is designed to be handy. It is slim and weighs a mere 2.8 pounds, not as heavy as a regular laptop to bring around. The Samsung might be easy enough to carry along in a backpack and may not require its own separate bag in order to carry around. Features wise, the Samsung NC10 netbook already has everything that a frequent online user would require. At least that is the reason why most people bring along their laptops in the first place- to be able to go online at any convenient location they may be in.

The Samsung NC10 is powered by an Intel 1.6 GHz processor and has a 1 GB worth of RAM to make surfing the Web more convenient without underperforming. A 160 GB HD storage would be more than enough even for an online user frequently downloading files. Its six-cell lithium ion rechargeable battery is enough for about 6 hours of continuous usage. Although it may not have other laptop features such as a built-in DVD drive, the Samsung NC10 can quite handle the needs of users who use such devices mainly to go online. Priced at around US$ 400, the Samsung NC10 netbook offers both affordability and performance of the typical college student or individual looking for such a handy and portable yet powerful netbook.

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