Samsung Modus Bluetooth Headset

Samsung has recently come up with a new Bluetooth headset that it calls the Samsung Modus. It is a convertible type Bluetooth headset armed with a number of advanced features to make users appreciate it more.

The Samsung Modus features a dual microphone design and noise canceling technology for better audio quality. The dual microphone design allows the headset to separate the users voice from the surrounding background noise, resulting in a clearer and better audio quality. The Samsung Modus also features advanced multi-point technology that allows you to use your Samsung Modus headset with your Bluetooth supported music player and other audio streaming devices while connected to your mobile phone. The headset will gently mute the stereo audio whenever a call from your mobile phone comes up and restores previous settings after the call has been made. Samsung has announced its availability recently although there are no news yet on how much it would cost.

Image Source: Samsung

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