Samsung LN-T4665F Flat-panel

Samsung flat panel

The Samsung LN-T4665F is an LCD HDTV that can provide one of the sharpest and the best images among available HDTV today. With a native resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, the LN-T4665F has enough pixels to provide a more detailed result coming from a 1080i or 1080p HDTV source. It is able to produce deeper blacks with excellent shadow details as well as a more accurate after color adjustment.

The LN-T4665F can provide a cleaner image on the screen and features a number of picture controls. The picture quality that it provides makes it one of the top choices when looking for the best LCD HDTV in the market. Combine that with beautiful styling and sleek design and you have for yourself a great set to have at the home.

The 46 inch widescreen of the Samsung LN-T4665F offers larger than life views of your favorite programs and movies. A possible setback would be its screen that can be too shiny to collect ambient light. The screen may also have the edges seem brighter than in the middle when displaying dark areas on screen. But overall, there is nothing much to complain about the Samsung LN-T4665F. With a price range that can compete well with other similar HDTV models in the market, it can certainly be worth the money spent on it.

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