Samsung LN-T3253H HDTV

Samsung LN-T3253H

The new Samsung LN-T3253H is a very exquisite LCD TV as it is refined and finished in glossy black. You will also notice that the edge of the frame is rounded off for a friendly and futuristic look. The blue accent light that is seen on the front can be disabled as well as the different controls that are located on the side. They are thick, touch-sensitive icons that will never be mistaken for buttons.

The Samsung LN-T3253H has a native resolution of 1,366 x 768 as it accurately portrays the pixel count of most of the other LCD models that are in the same range. That particular number of pixels readily allows all of the detail of 720p HDTV sources to be faithfully displayed onscreen even though all sources are scaled to fit the pixels.

As far as the quality and the economical value of the LCD screen is prominent as it has an Energy Saving control that enables you to have four steps of saving. The high settings dim the backlight and if you select an Auto mode, the essentially adjusts the light output according to the room lighting.

All in all, the Samsung LN-T3253H is a steal and is a technological wonder that has a place in your living room.

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